Changing Your Career

From time to time it’s a smart move to review your career and give some thought to where you see yourself in the future:

  • Are your current prospects limited?
  • Do you still find your job rewarding?
  • Has your job changed and become less interesting?
  • Could you be better paid in a different job?
  • Would you make better use of your skills elsewhere?
  • Do you simply want to do something different?

You can explore your possibilities with an informal and completely free consultation. You can question us and find out how we can help, and we can properly understand you and the career you’re looking for. Once you’ve talked to us you can decide if we’re the right choice for you and your future.

We advise and guide many people to new and rewarding careers with our personal career coaching services. We help you to realize where your opportunities might lie in today’s employment marketplace and where your skills and goals are the “right fit” with prospective employers.

Call us today and take the first step to the future you want to enjoy.

Years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients prove that we can help you to re-establish or change your career. Use our free consultation to explore your options and make plans for a new future. We can help you set your new direction and goals, and then support you in achieving them.

Our experience covers the following areas:


  • That have been laid off or fired
  • Who see that ‘dream’ opportunity – either in their company or in another company
  • Who find themselves unhappy, under utilized, underpaid


  • An internship or co-op position
  • Part time or seasonal work
  • How to find a job or to identify what career you are best suited for
  • Interview skills training


  • First job
  • Career advice
  • Interview skills training
  • International work


  • Career advice
  • How to find a job or to identify what career you are best suited for
  • Interview skills training

Law Enforcement (RCMP, Police, CSIS, Corrections, Fire, or Emergency Services):

  • Application help, as a rookie or an experienced member
  • Interview skills training

New Canadians:

  • Struggling to find a job which will match their education/ qualifications / skills

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