Resume Review

Be very careful! Your resume is the one and only thing that your prospective new employer has to base his or her interview selection on. Take a look at your resume, why do you think you should be invited for an interview?

  • Are you showing the qualities that your prospective employer is looking for?
  • Is your resume saying the wrong things?
  • Is your resume saying the right things the wrong way?
  • What first impressions are you making with your resume?
  • What industry skills do you need to show for the job?
  • What personal skills should you demonstrate?
  • What do your prospective employers see as danger signs?
  • Does your resume represent you accurately?

Remember, you can’t win the job if you don’t make the interview! We’ve been creating interview-winning resumes for over 25 years, wouldn’t you like a free 30 minute chat to find out what we can do for yours?

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